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By joining H2Pro you will have
an opportunity to actually change the world

Growth. You will encounter, be challenged by, and work through an incredibly diverse range of obstacles.

Impact. Your talent, time and hard work will not only be instrumental in advancing the company’s business - you will also be taking part in an effort to decarbonize the world. You get to save the world. Even if you don’t wear a cape...

Ownership. You hold broad responsibilities with high autonomy in a communicative, collaborative, and fast-paced environment

Distinction. You introduce a fundamentally differentiated solution into a market where existing players use a centuries old technology.

Opportunity! Green hydrogen may hold the key to solving the climate crisis, and by 2050 is expected to be a multi-trillion dollar market!

מפעיל מערכות אוטומטיות מתקדמות


Engineer for the Anodes Development

Caesarea Industrial Park

Sales (Application) Engineer

Caesarea Industrial Park

Ux Designer


Engineer for the Anodes Development

Caesarea Industrial park

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